Narrative Gaming in Age of Sigmar


This page serves to compile all of my Narrative creations for Age of Sigmar. Here you will find Event Packs, Club Campaign Packs, Battleplans, Times of War rules, Map and Ladder campaigns and more. I hope you will find some stuff useful, whether you just want to play a one off game with your mates using some custom rules, whether you want a narrative tournament pack for an event you are running or you want to go the full hog and use a campaign pack that will last up to 6 months and emerge you in a narrative story you can reenact. 


A few custom battle plans that I have produced for various events, campaigns etc. Feel free to use and modify any of them. If you would like to modify them please email me and I will send you the document instead of PDF.


Event Packs

This is an Event Pack for a One Dayer tournament. Like the 6 month campaign I done to lead up to this event, it is a day of story telling for your General. A mix of Path to Glory, Triumph and Treachery, Coalition and Pitched Battles with elements of Silver Tower and Frostgrave too. For this you will need to also download the Secondary Objective Cards, Treasure Cards and Skills Cards (see below), if you want to use the custom battle plans that are listed in the pack, you will have to wait till after December 2016 as this is for an event I am running in February 2017 and they are top secret! 

Campaign Packs

A longer Path to Glory style campaign, that mixes in other narrative elements too. This one has its own custom battle plans, chances to Level up your character, chances to gain and use extra skills and treasures. This campaign will last for 6 months and will take a bit of commitment from your club, but hopefully you'll find it very immersive and great fun! You will find all the custom battle plans either above or on the Rise of Empires Website.

Season of War: GW Official Campaign

Now I know I didn't produce this, but I was lucky enough to be able to run an online version for Games Workshop and therefore had access to the battle plans for it. Which I have put in here as a link for ease of download.

The Rise of Empires: The Age of Beasts

This was the first online campaign I produced in January 2016, it is a map based campaign where every battle you won or unit you painted resulted in you expanding your territory. I have included a link to a very large scale map for you to print off and use. I would also recommend starting a thread on to allow you to post up your results for ease of tracking. Great if you like to see a visual map of your fortress and battles, marking them off as you go along. 


This is a small escalation campaign I produced around February 2016, it is pre General Handbook and based off some simple Path to Glory style tables, it is a great for playing games with small armies and growing your war band. It is also great for playing through the Age of Sigmar Official campaign books and recording your victories etc.

This was one of the first campaigns I produced, it was purely for Kye and myself, a 6 game story driven campaign using SCGT points and AoS official battle plans. Feel free to change the armies etc and come up with your own stories.

Path to Glory Tables

Games Workshop have produced a few Path to Glory tables for a couple of factions, the reason for the lack of others, I believe is down to the fact the battle tomes were not released at the time. I'm sure GW will update these in the next GH but for now, here is some links to some I have created for all other factions. 

Skill, Treasure and Objective Cards

These were produced for the Realm Hoppers campaign, but really can be used for any sort of narrative gaming. I have provided some link in case you want to create your own events or campaigns and only use these elements.

Allegiance Ability Cards

Not really narrative,  but I find them pretty handy to have downloaded and printed out for games. Think 8th Magic Cards..

Times of War


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